Battlestar Katana BSG-99

BS Katana Logo 01

The Battlestar Katana was founded in January 2011 and became an official chapter of the Colonial Defense Forces (a BSG Fan Association) in April of the same year. Unfortunately, due to irreconcilable differences with the CDF leadership (which had the potential to adversely impact the real-world employment of numerous members of the Katana, in June 2011 the Katana and the CDF severed their affiliation.

However, in June 2011, the Katana joined with several other former BSG chapters (who had left for the same reasons) and formed a new Battlestar Galactica® Fan Association: the Colonial Ministry of Defense. Currently the Katana serves as the flagship of the CMoD’s Picon Fleet.

The crew of the Katana, while fans of all the BSG series, play in the framework of the BSG universe of Ron Moore’s re-imagined Battlestar Galactica® (2003). It is within the framework established in that particular series that the group has organized itself and where its SIM/Fan-Fiction writing takes place.

While having fun in the BSG universe is part of what the Katana does, the crew also works to help make our little piece of the planet a place that visitors from one of the other 12 Colonies would want to visit and be proud of. The Katana does that by participating in our communities through a wide variety of projects and charitable activities. So of those include: Harvesters, Backback Buddies, the Wounded Warrior Project, the USMC Toys-for-Tots, and so on.